Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan

Updated 2/8/2021   We will continue to add new links here as the process continues. . .

During the past several months, board members have been attending virtual and in-person sessions about Yavapai County’s updates of the Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan and local Vision Statements. Everyone in the community will have the change to participate. There will be both a general county plan survey and a local area survey. There are opportunities to participate on committees for revising and planning the elements of the Beaver Creek Community Vision. Here are the links to information about the process.

Please email us here if you would like to participate on a committee. There will also be opportunities for commenting without being on a committee. This is a work in progress as we update our local Community Vision Statement and work with nearby communities on the updated Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan.

eNews 8/19/2020 – Tax & Zoning News

Beaver Creek eNews

August 19, 2020

Dear Neighbors

We are still receiving tax questions. The Yavapai County 2019/2020 tax rate had an increase of 13% which when including a 5% increase in most property valuations equaled an 18% increase. For 2020/21 there is a decrease of about 4% in the County rate which when added to the increased valuation is approximately no change for this fiscal year. The Calendar Crew is referring any further questions on this to Yavapai County.

This week’s immanent concern for many was the request from the Borowski’s for the City of Cottonwood to annex Spring Creek Ranch. Yesterday the Cottonwood City Council voted unanimously for staff to proceed with the annexation of the 280 acres of Spring Creek Ranch and 11 square miles of Coconino National Forest. Lisa Borowski representing herself and her father assured the Council that they would approve the annexation. 

The Beaver Creek Community Association letter of opposition submitted to the council and notes from that meeting follow.
. . . . the calendar crew
 BCCA Notes from Cottonwood City Council Meeting
 6 PM August 18

Mayor Tim Elinski conducted the meeting. He was very courteous and respectful of all and that set the over all tone of the meeting. It is suggested that members of the community play the recording of the meeting to get all the detailed information on the annexation and the thoughts of the council members. The request for annexation is item 3 under New Business. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2muQjfZil5A&list=PLE7BE2D4DD5A204C3&index=2&t=0s
In order to annex Spring Creek Ranch, Cottonwood also must annex 11 square miles of Coconino National Forest. An interest was shown in also annexing the adjacent BLM lands, but that was not considered possible at this time.

Mayor Elinski stated that they had received 129 letters of opposition and 1 letter in favor of annexation but opposed to the development. Generally, the council members showed interest in annexation but unfavorable impressions of the Borowski plan for development. Ms Borowski was asked if she still would approve annexation given the concerns of the council. She said that she would approve annexation and that one of the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors had suggested that she go to the Cottonwood Council. She stated the Yavapai County Planning & Zoning may not be able to hear the request for rezoning until November. It was unclear if she intended to pursue both the County and City rezoning processes.

The staff explained that annexation would be almost a year long process from this date and that there would be future public comment opportunities. The Mayor felt that Cottonwood had more planners and services and that the public would be better served by Cottonwood handling the rezoning and some utilities for the Spring Creek Ranch development and protection of environmental resources. He observed that Cottonwood can reclaim 70% of its wastewater. After discussion, the council voted unanimously to request the staff to move forward with the annexation.

Mayor Elinski noted that Cottonwood, Sedona, Jerome, Yavapai County, Clarkdale, and Camp Verde were working together on affordable housing. He also stated that the Verde Front was working on a regional plan.

BCCA notes that representatives from the unincorporated associations have not been included in these discussions. Not only will we be affected by decisions made, but we also have good suggestions to offer. The populations of Beaver Creek, Cornville and Big Park together are greater than that of Cottonwood and deserve to be heard as do other unincorporated areas large and small.

Respectfully submitted,
Janet Aniol
Date: August 18, 2020
To:       Cottonwood City Council
            Cottonwood City Staff
From: Beaver Creek Community Association (Rimrock, Lake Montezuma, McGuireville)
Re:     Borowski Request for Cottonwood Annexation of Spring Creek Ranch
Dear Neighbors,
It is disappointing to us that the unincorporated communities have not been directly asked for input on a major land use change which will affect the whole Verde Valley. Such potential major density changes may negatively affect quality of life, adversely increase road traffic, create excessive impact on riparian areas and lead to ground water depletion issues.
We oppose the request for annexation of Spring Creek Ranch by Cottonwood. This is not the answer to your need for affordable housing and in fact will exacerbate that problem.
Please meet with representatives from the unincorporated communities. We have information and experiences to share and some of the best minds in the Verde Valley. We urge you to take no action without discussing this further and including us. We do have some good ideas about how to provide affordable housing.
Janet Aniol, president
Beaver Creek Community Association (BCCA) Board
Sharon Olsen, vice-president
Nancy Rowland, secretary
Bob Burke, treasurer
Mike Nelson, director
Jim Andrus, director
John Kalember, director
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Candidates for District 2 Answer Beaver Creek Questions

Six candidates are running for Yavapai County’s District 2 Supervisor’s position.
BCCA Board members got together last month to compile a list of questions that relate to our community of Beaver Creek. We’ll be posting the responses as they come in . . . Watch this space so that you can make an informed decision about our next Yavapai County supervisor.
Brandi Bateman
Wiley Cline
James Gregory
Jodi Rooney

eNews 5/18/2020 – Lots of Info

Dear Neighbors
Watch out for the wind today and especially tomorrow…predicted to be up to 31 MPH today and 37 MPH on Tuesday. No fires allowed per Copper Canyon Fire & Medical restrictions.
The Beaver Creek Library is back to their 6 day a week schedule which includes Saturdays. Service is still call ahead for curbside service. Open 10:30 AM to 6 PM Mondays through Thursdays and 9 AM to 3 PM on Friday and Saturday.
The Lake Montezuma Women’s Civic Club wishes to thank everyone who bid on the four-basket fundraiser. $400 was contributed for the scholarship fund.
Last Thursday was the first weekly Food Share in Beaver Creek. These will continue throughout the summer in addition to the Beaver Creek Food Bank at the Beaver Creek School the 2nd Saturday morning of each month. The Beaver Creek Kiwanis have purchased 60 whole frozen chickens for the boxes this Thursday which will again be a drive through at Beaver Creek School from 9:30 to 10:30 AM. Thank you to Marlyn Van Keuren, YC District 2 Executive Assistant for making this happen, to the Salvation Army for making the delivery and to Manzanita Outreach for providing and packing the food. Volunteers at the site included Marlyn, Jodi Rooney (candidate in the upcoming District 2 election), Jessica Herrera, Roz Birdsall, Mark Holst, Bev Jackson (Cornville Community Association President), Beth Franklin (BC Librarian), and Janet Aniol.
****On Wednesday, May 20, Beaver Creek School’s 8th grade class will be doing a parade for their promotion. The parade will begin at BC School and follow a route that takes us down by the Lake Montezuma Village Square (see picture). The parade will begin at the school at 6 PM. Staff and Parents are hoping to get support from the community. Please come out and cheer on our 8th graders as they prepare to move on to high school. Thank you in advance for your support in making what could have been a disappointment to our students into something memorable for them.
The Beaver Creek Community Association is working on a questionnaire for the six candidates for the office of Yavapai County District 2 Supervisor in order to give voters more information. If you would like to make a recommendation for a question, please email the calendar crew. The BCCA board meets today, further information is below.
Since all six of the above candidates are Republicans, the new supervisor will be elected in the Primary election on August 4. Information for registered Independents is below.
Wind in the forecast,
. . . . . the calendar crew  
Yes! Arizona has an open primary law which allows any voter who is registered as independent to cast a ballot for one of the officially recognized political parties in State Primary Elections. Independent voters on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) will receive a postcard in the mail asking them to choose which party ballot they wish to receive for the Primary Election. The corresponding primary ballot will then be sent by mail to the voter to complete approximately 27 days prior to the election.
Independent voters who go to the polls on Election Day will be given the option to choose a party ballot at that time.
Monthly Meeting – Via Zoom
 Monday, May 18, 2020, 3:00 PM
Beaver Creek Community Association 
Public participation is appreciated. There is a 2-minute time limit for public participation/comments from individuals. We encourage people to use ZOOM to participate.
Call for Public Discussion Items not listed below. Discussion with residents.
President’s Update :
  1. Minutes for March & Financial Report: Request to accept donations toward Rollins Park upkeep from Mikki & Terry Weissinger and Dennis & Janet Aniol
  1. New Business.   Discussion and possible action on each
  • Cornville Community Association request for assistance in the P&Z process in reference to the Spring Creek Ranch proposal. From their president, Bev Jackson, If you could encourage your citizens to write a letter opposing Spring Creek Ranch that would be WONDERFUL.  The developers have been all over Sedona getting signatures on form letters and have almost 200!   Each household can submit one letter.  There are instructions for addressing on our website. www.cornvilleaz.org As soon as we know when this will be heard by the P&Z Commission, I will also share that date so that anyone who is willing to attend and support our fight against adding 2100 units (4200+ people) on less than 1% of the land occupied by the slightly less than 4000 people currently in our small community.”
  1. Old Business. Discussion and possible action on each
  • Rollins Park update
  • District 2 Supervisor Tom Thurman wrote to ADOT in support of our quest to improve and reconstruct TI 293 on I-17 at McGuireville. He received the following response from the Division Director of Multimodal Planning, “I am in receipt of your email and have directed our planning team to add this project to our current call for projects. It will be added to the list of projects to be reviewed and evaluated for prioritization in the 2022 project priority list.”
  • 6 candidates for the District 2 Supervisor office. List of questions for candidate responses to help our votes make an informed decision.
  • Thank you letter to Supervisor Tom Thurman for his letter to ADOT on our behalf.
  • Thank you letter to Marlyn Van Keuren for her work in setting up a weekly food share for Beaver Creek.
Adjournment. The next meeting is at 3 PM on June 8, 2020 in the Beaver Creek Adult Center.
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Golf Course Properties Update 3/10/2020

Dear Neighbors
This is a quick report of the BCCA meeting presentation from Doug and Patti Edgelow representing Equus Lake Montezuma, LLC.  Equus LM is the owner that let the option to purchase the Beaver Creek Golf Resort LLC properties (golf course and Ranch House Restaurant) die in escrow last month.
When the golf course was sold in 2004, ten parcels were removed from the golf course property and replatted with town home/condo lots. There are now 137 lots that are theoretically available for building however some are partially under water and likely will not be used for housing.
Mr Edgelow shared that Equus LM owns 33 lots around Lake Montezuma and is in the process of buying lots in another parcel. The nine lots on the south side of the lake, we understand will not be built on and will be utilized for non-motorized public recreation, perhaps installing a dock there. He plans to build on most but not all the 24 lots on the north side of the lake, probably 19-20 units. He had some conceptual drawings but no specific building plans. Septic regulations have changed since 2004.  He is in the process of working with ADEQ for permission to use a group septic system.  He does not anticipate completing this process and starting to build before the end of the year.
The focus of his presentation was that Equus LM is still interested in purchasing the Beaver Creek Golf Resort. However, his business partners wish to know that the general community is in support of their plans and that the water rights are confirmed. The group does not want to build a golf course.  Equus want to use the golf course property for agriculture which would include a vineyard and an orchard.  In the area of the maintenance shed, a 50-unit boutique hotel would be built (already zoned for this) and a tasting room would be operated in the old Pro Shop.  A zoning amendment is required for the agricultural use of the property since it has a zoning stipulation as a golf course. Equus and their partners want to know that the community is supportive of the change to agricultural zoning before finalizing the property purchase.
BCCA is arranging a community meeting so that residents can receive more information and ask questions. We may hold off a bit while the Edgelows put together some more specific information.
on behalf of the Beaver Creek Community Association Board
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Beaver Creek eNews 3/8/2020

Dear Neighbors
Last month was a little more interesting than most of us would like. Good news on February 20. The P&Z Commission voted NO to PPE which was a stress reliever to have that concluded for now. The day before, the Beaver Creek Golf Course & Ranch House fell out of escrow without completing purchase. Perhaps for the 8th time? So, the property ownership remains the same for now.
Tomorrow afternoon the BCCA Board will hear a presentation about the town house lots around Lake Montezuma and go over a report from our representatives on the Citizens’ Bond Advisory Committee. This committee will make a recommendation to the CCF&MD Fire Chief and Fire Board about whether to pursue a bond (property tax increase) to potentially add additional fire stations and equipment. Their next meeting is at 5 PM Monday evening in the Camp Verde Library. The public may attend.
On Friday, the Beaver Creek Preservation & Historical Society’s annual meeting is at the Rock School and will dedicate the new windows. Robert Estrada will give an update on his research about Lulu, an Apache Indian girl in the 1800’s. That afternoon in the BC Library is an opportunity to get Narcan training. There have been 3 overdoses in Rimrock since October, one was a youth. If you think that you might need to have this knowledge and treatment at hand, please read the flyer below and RSVP. Like CPR, you never know when this skill might be a lifesaver.
Later this month and in April the Census should be a priority for our area. Much funding for the school and other services is based on the collected information. Please help by responding. Also, there are still $16.50 jobs available. This paycheck will not affect any other sources of income. If interested, please call 1-800-JOB-2020 or apply online at
It’s still not too late to get Free help with your taxes at one of these sites. And a heads up about the Free Dumping this year. Appliances, tires, bagged trash, TV’s and old bicycles are accepted as usual. But slash, weed trimmings, is not accepted since the mulch pile is still smoldering from the fire.  Free dumping starts on 3/19.
Doing taxes
. . . . . the calendar crew  
Special Events for Week of March 9 through March 14
Monday, 3/9-The CCF&M Citizens’ Bond Advisory Committee meets at 5 PM in the Camp Verde Public Library. The purpose of the Committee: Make a recommendation to the CCFMD board to pursue or not pursue bond to fund capital improvement needs of CCFMD, e.g., additional fire stations. For more information about the meeting please contact Administrative Manager Robyn Cook at 928-567-9401 ext 8002.
Friday, 3/13-The Beaver Creek Preservation & Historical Society meets at 10 AM at the Rock School on the Beaver Creek School campus for the annual meeting. A short business meeting will be held and election of Board members for 2020. One Board position is available. If interested, please contact Judy at 300-0331. Special recognition will be held for those generous donors for the new windows. Ending highlight will be Rob Estrada giving us an update on Lulu, an Apache child. Members and their guests and anyone interested in attending are more than welcome! (See flyer below)
Friday, 3/13-Free Narcan Training is offered at Beaver Creek Public Library, next to BC School, at 1 PM. You may receive Narcan. RSVP and for questions call Melissa Garcia at 928-442-5966. (See flyer below)
Saturday, 3/14-A Star Party (meet inside the BC Library) is from Time TBD outside the Beaver Creek Library. Families are invited. There will be telescope viewing for “Spring Sky Night”. This is a program of the Verde Valley Astronomy Club. Call 928-567-4034 for the details.
Head Up for Free Annual Dumping
Thursday, Fridays, Saturdays, 3/19 thru 4/4-FREE DUMP DAYS  at the Camp Verde Transfer Station, 2600 E. Hwy 260, 7 miles East of I-17 from 8 AM to 4 PM. District 2 Supervisor Tom Thurman and The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, working with the Public Works Department, is pleased to announce a community cleanup in the Verde Valley.
Accepted items are: household appliances, TV’s, bagged trash, auto batteries, unmounted tires, and furniture. Items that will not be accepted: yard trimmings, loose trash, liquids, hazardous materials, cars, Ni Cad batteries, dead animals and any commercial dumping. For additional information please contact the Yavapai County Public Works Public Works at 928-771-3183.  (See flyer below)
Regularly Scheduled Meetings & Activities 3/9 thru 3/14
Monday, 3/9 –The Beaver Creek Community Association (BCCA)  meets at 3:00 PM in the BC Adult Center. Topics include brief presentation on plans for townhomes adjacent to Lake Montezuma, State Transportation Board mtg regarding McGuireville Interchange, update on bond exploration by CCF&MD, annual Beaver Creek Adult Center donation. Please contact Janet Aniol at 928-592-2839 for further information.
Tuesday, 3/10 –The BC Kiwanis  meet at 7:30 AM in the BC Adult Center Main Room.  Please call Carol Keeton at 928-606-4050 for more information. www.BCKiwanis.org
Tuesday, 3/10–The Copper Canyon Fire Auxiliary will meet at 10 AM at the Montezuma Rimrock Fire Station. Please contact Laurie Stafford at 928-567-4820 for more information.
Wednesday, All–“Spending Time with God”, a ladies’ Bible study meets every Wednesday at 9 AM at Grace Community Lutheran Church, 5100 N Stevenson Dr in Rimrock. This is the first meeting. All are welcome. Contact Sheri Morris at  windwarrior23@gmail.com for additional information.
Wednesday, 3/11–The Blood Pressure Clinic  is available the second Wednesday of each month in the BC Adult Center from 9:30 AM to 11 AM.  Come get your blood pressure taken by Sue Brann, RN and Marie Purnell, RN.
Wednesdays, All–Game Day is from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM every Wednesday at Grace Lutheran Community Church behind the fire station. Lots of games available but you can also bring your own. (See flyer below)
Wednesdays, 3/11–3/25–The Soup Supper & Lenten Service   starts at 6 PM in the Grace Community Lutheran Church.  Please call 928-567-4608 for more information.
Thursday, 3/12–The Youth & Families Committee meets from 10 AM to 11 AM in the Beaver Creek School board room. Please contact Superintendent Karin Ward at 928-567-4631 if you are interested in attending.
Fridays, All–Pre–K Storytime is every Friday from 10:30 to 11:30 AM at the Beaver Creek Library, 4810 E Beaver Creek Rd. Early Literacy Programming is featured.
Saturday, 3/14–Star Party (meet inside the BC Library) is Time TBD outside the Beaver Creek Library. Families are invited. There will be telescope viewing. This is a program of the Verde Valley Astronomy Club. Call 928-567-4034 for the details.
Saturday, 3/14–Free Foodbank is available at Beaver Creek School  from 7:45 to 9 AM.  Food is always available the second Saturday of each month for distribution to everyone and during the month as needed.  Emergency boxes are available by calling the school at 928-567-4631.
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Board Meeting Agenda for Monday 1/13/2020


bluemini Monthly Meeting – All invited 

Monday, January 13, 2020, 3:00 PM 

In the Beaver Creek Adult Center  


Pledge of Allegiance  

Public participation is appreciated.  There is a 2-minute time limit for public participation/comments from individuals. Courteous interaction with the board, members, and guests is expected. 

President’s Update:   

Guest Art Babbott will make a Land Use presentation. 

Call for Public Discussion Items not listed below.  Discussion with residents.   

Minutes for December & Financial Report:   

New Business.   Discussion and possible action on each  

  • Zoning Ordinance Amendment to Section 604 street naming & addressing 
  • Alternative plan for Rimrock Properties LLC acreage 
  • USPS planned closure of LM Post Office 
  1. Old Business.  Discussion and possible action on each  
  1. Comment to Coconino National Forest concerning APS proposed 69kV power line McGuireville to Village of Oak Creek 
  1. Update on annual meeting 

Adjournment.  The annual membership meeting will be held on January 25, 2020 at 4 PM in the Beaver Creek Adult Center.