Young, small fawn in Road

Please Drive Slowly, 25 MPH or less. Young, Small Fawn spotted in Road near Beaver Vista and Montezuma Ave.

I live at the corner of Beaver Vista and Montezuma Ave, kitty corner from the park . A very small fawn has been traveling back and forth across the street with no apparent adult deer near her.  She was just spotted again and we are afraid that she will get hit crossing the road. Can you please ask people to slow down and is there anyone I can call to track her?
Thank you,
Cathy Ritthaler
The Calendar Crew has given Cathy the AZ Game & Fish # to call in the morning.  If there is a better option, please let us know.

eNews 9/14/2020

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Dear Neighbors

We have some good news. Montezuma Well is scheduled for reopening TODAY. POBs (pats on back) to everyone who stepped up and made this happen!! Beaver Creek School has been open since August 31 for on campus attendance which has been chosen by the majority of the enrollment. Online is still available for those who choose that method of attendance. POBs to our very hardworking staff, parents and students who make this work. And for those living in the Bice Rd area, the polymer overlay is tentatively scheduled to start September 28, subject to the weather conditions.

Superintendent Karin Ward has announced two vacancies on the Beaver Creek School Governing Board which have been posted by Yavapai County. One was not filled in the election cycle and will run from 1-1-2021 to 12/31/2022 and the other was due to a resignation, that will be filled ASAP and end on 12/31/2022. This is an opportunity to be more involved with your community. Please contact Superintendent Wart at 928-567-4631 if you are interested or have questions about the board.

The Beaver Creek Adult Center is getting ready for a major fundraiser. If you have stuff you’d like to donate, please drop it off.

Today are the monthly meetings for LMWCC, BCCA and BC School Board. Also don’t forget to check out the important upcoming events
Getting used to Zoom,. . . . the calendar crewRegularly Scheduled Meetings TODAYMonday, 9/14–The Lake Montezuma Women’s Civic Club willmeet via Zoom from 1 PM to 3 PM. Meeting ID: 844 2085 2375, Passcode: Xe6tv1 or call +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose) Meeting ID: 844 2085 2375, Passcode: 498104.

Please contact Lisa Delight at 928-451-4360 for more information. 

Monday, 9/14–The Beaver Creek Community Association (BCCA) meets at 3:00 PM via Zoom. ID: 846 7643 9291, Passcode: 342880. Please contact Janet Aniol at 928-301-2749 for further information.

Monday, 9/14–The Beaver Creek School Governing Board meets at 6:00 PM in the school board room.  The agenda will be posted at the fire station and at the LM Post Office and is also at: Special Events in September and October

Wednesday, 9/23-Deadline for apply for to be a Peer Parent Support Partner.The Family Involvement Center has a new opportunity for anyone who might be interested in becoming a peer parent support partner.   It’s a great opportunity!  Participants will get 24 college credits, a monthly stipend, a laptop and other supplies and help with job placement.  Applicants will need to complete a short application form.  The deadline to apply is on or around September 23.  We’re looking to have wide participation across the state.  (See Flyer Below)Saturday, 9/26-Free Smart Devices Help is available from  9 AM to Noon in the Beaver Creek Adult Center.  Bring your iphone, tablet, smartphone and/or laptop and get the help you need. The instructor is Wendy Cook-Roberts. She says, “What I don’t know I can find out and I am not afraid to say, ‘let’s look that up'”.  Bonnie Best will also be available to help.  You don’t have to stay the whole time and walk in whenever you please.

Saturday, 10/3-Free Hazardous Waste and Electronics Collection Event from 8 AM to Noon at the Sedona City Hall complex. This is for Sedonans and unincorporated Yavapai County. Please be prepared to wear a mask and show a driver’s license and one utility bill as proof of residence. Friday/Saturday, 10/9 & 10/10–The Beaver Creek Adult Center has scheduled its annual Rummage Sale on these dates. Friday, 10/16–Free Flu Shots and Free Shred-A-Thon will be in the Beaver Creek School parking lot this year. Noon to 3 PM for shredding and Noon to 5:30 PM for flu shots. You may do either or both.  (See Flyer Below) Monday, 10/12– Deadline to register for the 2020 Trek 4 Tech benefiting the Beaver Creek Library. (See Flyer Below)

Friends of the Beaver Creek Library have rescheduled and re-vamped the 2020 TREK 4 TECH originally scheduled and postponed back in March. This year’s new iTREK is a totally individual; no one-day event in the park, no set date and time – -you choose your own type of walk / run / bike in the “IMAGINE YOUR STORY” 2020 iTREK.  That’s right! Each registered participant can pick your own course, your own place and time, even your own mode of travel; walk, run, bike hike, drive, swim, kayak, or whatever you choose to do.1.  REGISTER ONLINE at and follow prompts to sign up & pay $10.        All proceeds benefit the Beaver Creek Public/School Library.2.  DEADLINE TO REGISTER and pay fee is October 12.3.  PICK UP A FREE T-SHIRT at Beaver Creek School (see flyer for days and times).4.  “IMAGINE YOUR STORY” for your own iTREK and choose a day, time, place.        ANYTIME BEFORE SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7.5.  SEND A SELFIE OR GROUP PHOTO of your iTREK to         to be a part of the online group “IMAGINE YOUR STORY” 2020 iTREK.6.  JOIN US ON “ZOOM” for the free prize drawing on Saturday morning November 7, 9:00am.

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eNews 8/19/2020 – Tax & Zoning News

Beaver Creek eNews

August 19, 2020

Dear Neighbors

We are still receiving tax questions. The Yavapai County 2019/2020 tax rate had an increase of 13% which when including a 5% increase in most property valuations equaled an 18% increase. For 2020/21 there is a decrease of about 4% in the County rate which when added to the increased valuation is approximately no change for this fiscal year. The Calendar Crew is referring any further questions on this to Yavapai County.

This week’s immanent concern for many was the request from the Borowski’s for the City of Cottonwood to annex Spring Creek Ranch. Yesterday the Cottonwood City Council voted unanimously for staff to proceed with the annexation of the 280 acres of Spring Creek Ranch and 11 square miles of Coconino National Forest. Lisa Borowski representing herself and her father assured the Council that they would approve the annexation. 

The Beaver Creek Community Association letter of opposition submitted to the council and notes from that meeting follow.
. . . . the calendar crew
 BCCA Notes from Cottonwood City Council Meeting
 6 PM August 18

Mayor Tim Elinski conducted the meeting. He was very courteous and respectful of all and that set the over all tone of the meeting. It is suggested that members of the community play the recording of the meeting to get all the detailed information on the annexation and the thoughts of the council members. The request for annexation is item 3 under New Business.
In order to annex Spring Creek Ranch, Cottonwood also must annex 11 square miles of Coconino National Forest. An interest was shown in also annexing the adjacent BLM lands, but that was not considered possible at this time.

Mayor Elinski stated that they had received 129 letters of opposition and 1 letter in favor of annexation but opposed to the development. Generally, the council members showed interest in annexation but unfavorable impressions of the Borowski plan for development. Ms Borowski was asked if she still would approve annexation given the concerns of the council. She said that she would approve annexation and that one of the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors had suggested that she go to the Cottonwood Council. She stated the Yavapai County Planning & Zoning may not be able to hear the request for rezoning until November. It was unclear if she intended to pursue both the County and City rezoning processes.

The staff explained that annexation would be almost a year long process from this date and that there would be future public comment opportunities. The Mayor felt that Cottonwood had more planners and services and that the public would be better served by Cottonwood handling the rezoning and some utilities for the Spring Creek Ranch development and protection of environmental resources. He observed that Cottonwood can reclaim 70% of its wastewater. After discussion, the council voted unanimously to request the staff to move forward with the annexation.

Mayor Elinski noted that Cottonwood, Sedona, Jerome, Yavapai County, Clarkdale, and Camp Verde were working together on affordable housing. He also stated that the Verde Front was working on a regional plan.

BCCA notes that representatives from the unincorporated associations have not been included in these discussions. Not only will we be affected by decisions made, but we also have good suggestions to offer. The populations of Beaver Creek, Cornville and Big Park together are greater than that of Cottonwood and deserve to be heard as do other unincorporated areas large and small.

Respectfully submitted,
Janet Aniol
Date: August 18, 2020
To:       Cottonwood City Council
            Cottonwood City Staff
From: Beaver Creek Community Association (Rimrock, Lake Montezuma, McGuireville)
Re:     Borowski Request for Cottonwood Annexation of Spring Creek Ranch
Dear Neighbors,
It is disappointing to us that the unincorporated communities have not been directly asked for input on a major land use change which will affect the whole Verde Valley. Such potential major density changes may negatively affect quality of life, adversely increase road traffic, create excessive impact on riparian areas and lead to ground water depletion issues.
We oppose the request for annexation of Spring Creek Ranch by Cottonwood. This is not the answer to your need for affordable housing and in fact will exacerbate that problem.
Please meet with representatives from the unincorporated communities. We have information and experiences to share and some of the best minds in the Verde Valley. We urge you to take no action without discussing this further and including us. We do have some good ideas about how to provide affordable housing.
Janet Aniol, president
Beaver Creek Community Association (BCCA) Board
Sharon Olsen, vice-president
Nancy Rowland, secretary
Bob Burke, treasurer
Mike Nelson, director
Jim Andrus, director
John Kalember, director
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Beaver Creek eNews, PO Box 1155, Rimrock, AZ 86335

Tax Rates Approved 8/17/2020

Beaver Creek eNews

August 17, 2020

Dear Neighbors

This morning the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors approved and adopted the 20/21 Tax Rates.
Most of the tax rates are lower than last year.  This likely reflects the increase in property valuations from last year.
The Yavapai County rate for this fiscal year will be 2.8201 vs 2.9472 last year.  The Yavapai College rate will be 1.6891 vs 1.8408 last year.  For Beaver Creek School the general + bond service rate will be 5.1056 this year vs 5.2438 last year.  The Copper Canyon Fire & Medical rate will be 3.25.  Last year Montezuma Rimrock and Camp Verde Fire Districts had separate rates.
The break down for Yavapai County is:
. . . . the calendar crew
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Fire Ban as of 8/10/2020

Dear Neighbors

As of Monday, August 10, Yavapai County has re-instituted a county wide outdoor fire ban.  Copper Canyon Fire & Medical District had already extended our local Fire Restrictions (issued in May) past August 1. So, no change in Beaver Creek, but the fire ban now includes everywhere in the county.  Please read both press releases below and share the information.

Wishing for the monsoon,
. . . . the calendar crew

For Immediate Release Monday, August 10, 2020

Yavapai County Re-Institutes County Wide Fire Ban

Effective Immediately

Yavapai County Board of Supervisors Chairman Craig L. Brown has re-instituted the County Wide Fire Ban effective at 10:00am on Monday, August 10, 2020.
The County Wide Fire Ban has been re-instituted after the Yavapai County Emergency Management Officer, Ron Sauntman, determined that a fire emergency exists in Yavapai County.

This determination is based upon the likely re-implementation of fire restrictions by the Prescott National Forest and the Coconino National Forest, effective on or about August 12th – 14th, 2020. Fire Managers have determined that key criteria will be reached or near enough to warrant taking these restrictive actions. These include lack of moisture this time of year, escalating fire weather conditions, the potential commitment of firefighting resources across the region/nation, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which may strain resources, and increased forest visitor use.

Neighboring jurisdictions and agencies with wildland fire responsibility are discussing reentering into 2020 fire restrictions as part of continued collaboration in community and resource protection. We work closely with our partners to support our shared interest in fire prevention and reducing the risk of hu man-caused wildfires across the landscape. Such decisions and timing to implement fire restrictions is made after frequent communication with neighboring National Forests; Bureau of Land Management and other Federal Land Agencies; Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management; and our local fire departments.

This determination includes the following Fire Ban Zones: Northern, Central, Eastern, and Southern Zones of Yavapai County, which include the following cities and towns; Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewy Humboldt, Mayer, Cordes Junction, Black Canyon City, Congress, North Wickenburg, Peoples Valley, Yarnell, Wilhoit, Cottonwood, Sedona, Camp Verde, and unincorporated areas herein.

Section V of Ordinance 2012-1 provides that “If it appears that a delay in imposition of restrictions would pose a threat to the public health and safety, the Emergency Management Officer may request that the Chairman of the Board, upon receipt of the Notice, immediately Contact Information: David McAtee, Public Information Officer – (928) 442-5509 Yavapai County Our Mission: “Yavapai County will serve and protect its citizens through efficient management of all its resources to enhance the lives of those we serve.” 1015 Fair St. Prescott AZ 86305 – 928-442-5509 – 928-420-2017 (cell) — Fax 928-771-3257 impose the restrictions.”

Given the nature of the ambient conditions and the importance of a coordinated approach to implementation of a fire ban, I am, therefore, requesting that you act in concert to enact an Outdoor Fire Prohibition within the Fire Ban Zones indicated.

The fire ban will commence on the effective time and date indicated above and is to be ratified as an emergency measure by the Board of Supervisors at its next normally-scheduled meeting.

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Preregister for Candidates Forum tonight 7/7/2020

Dear Neighbors
Tonight (Tuesday) The League of Women Voters is hosting a virtual forum for Board of Supervisor candidates from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. They will be answering your questions.  Our District 2 candidates who will be participating are Jodi Rooney, Wiley Cline & James Gregory.  

NOTE: District 2 candidate Brandi Bateman had dropped out of the forum.  This afternoon she has dropped back in.  So there will be four District 2 candidates speaking. 

You must preregister at
Ready to listen,. . . . . the calendar crew  
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4th of July – Simple Car Parade

Dear Neighbors
From Beaver Creek Kiwanis President Carol Keeton, “I am very sorry that we had to cancel our 4th of July events which included the parade, duck race in Sycamore Park, pancake breakfast, flag ceremony and celebration in Rollins Park. We really wanted to make this event happen because I feel we really need some uplifting things to happen.  Unfortunately there were issues that prevented us from proceeding.  I hope you all understand and we will plan for a GLORIOUS 4TH OF JULY NEXT YEAR.  Please everyone, pray for our country and remember on the 4th all the things that this day means to our country and how great our country is.”
As an alternative, some of the folks in our community have decided to have a simple parade at 9:00 AM –  starting at the garage in Mcguireville, saluting the flag in Sycamore Park and circling the Village Square (Rollins Park) with another opportunity to salute our flag.  Just everyone on their own, but driving in convoy.  For further info, contact Joe Warren @ 928-533-2978 or 928-592-0630.
Last year was one of our best parades and celebrations.  Here are just a couple of 2019 photos to bring back memories.
Wishing all a beautiful and surprisingly cool (below 100) Independence Day,. . . . the calendar crew
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Red Flag Warning 6/29/2020

Dear Neighbors
We are under Red Flag Warning until 8 PM this evening.  Please be especially cautious and careful not to start a fire.
In addition to the National Weather Service warning, area resident Michael Schmitz has shared some words of experience with fire evacuations.  Also there is some good information about preparation on the emergency cards that you either already have or can get in the Rimrock Post Office.  Both sides of the cards are also printed in the Beaver Creek Business Directory which BCCA mailed to every resident last year.
And don’t forget to carry water in your vehicles.  There can be long waits on our highways.
Prepared for the worst, but still enjoying the day,
. . . . . the calendar crew  
Red Flag Warning
National Weather Service Flagstaff AZ
309 AM MST Mon Jun 29 2020
* AFFECTED AREA…Locations near Alpine, Buffalo Pass, Camp
Verde, Chinle, Chino Valley, Congress, Cottonwood, Dilkon,
Doney Park, Eagar-Springerville, Flagstaff, Forest Lakes,
Fredonia, Ganado, Grand Canyon, Heber-Overgaard, Holbrook,
Jacob Lake, Kayenta, Kykotsmovi, North Rim, Page, Paulden,
Payson, Pine- Strawberry, Pinetop-Lakeside, Prescott, Prescott
Valley, Saint Johns, Sedona, Seligman, Shonto, Show Low,
Snowflake-Taylor, Tuba City, Valle, Whiteriver, Williams,
Window Rock and Winslow. This includes portions of the Apache-
Sitgreaves National Forest, Coconino National Forest, Kaibab
National Forest, Prescott National Forest and Tonto National
* WINDS…Southwest 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.
* RELATIVE HUMIDITY…As low as 14 percent.
* IMPACTS…Rapid spread of fire due to strong winds.
A Red Flag Warning means that critical fire weather conditions are either occurring or are imminent. A combination of strong winds and low relative humidities can contribute to extreme fire behavior.
Be Prepared for Fire Evacuation
Report from Michael Schmitz, resident and Beaver Creek Trails Coalition Board Director
As a veteran of three evacuations in the brushy foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, may I suggest that in addition to creating a list of what to take, evacuees should also take plenty of photos of personal property they are forced to leave behind. It may help in case of claims for total loss of their homes or theft by looters, the despicable scourge of homes that survive wildland fires.  People should also keep their vehicles fueled up with at least a half tank during the fire season. People don’t realize that the power companies cut the power in wildfire events and most gas stations don’t keep generators on hand ready to run the pumps. A few hundred dollars in cash ($20s) can also be very handy when credit card processing machines are down.
Fortunately I never had to file a claim for loss of structures but have filed claims for loss of trees, fences, and damages caused by the firefighting efforts.
Be ready for fire. If you give the firefighters the defensible space they need to defend your home, they’ll give it their best shot.
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Candidates for District 2 Answer Beaver Creek Questions

Six candidates are running for Yavapai County’s District 2 Supervisor’s position.
BCCA Board members got together last month to compile a list of questions that relate to our community of Beaver Creek. We’ll be posting the responses as they come in . . . Watch this space so that you can make an informed decision about our next Yavapai County supervisor.
Brandi Bateman
Wiley Cline
James Gregory
Jodi Rooney